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Include VR in a promotion strategy. Let your clients feel the immersive and unforgettable experience of the company’s world in VR.
Virtual reality experience
We believe that the word of VR should give full 3D experience. Occupy vision and hearing of your clients to immerse them. VR helps to transfer your clients to any place you wish. Since that moment for your imagination the sky's the limit.
Full 3D virtual reality experience
Education is not the one-way communication anymore. Education is now about each student participation. Transfer high-school students to the Stone Age. Create situations on the VR-manufacturing to prevent emergency in the reality.
Virtual training and education
If you are bored with ordinary video size, even more, you suppose that this video is becoming outdated. Quite possibly,you are right. New 360 degree video will astonish your audience and help you to stand out from competitors.
Video 360
For the last 5 years we are creating VR-games. We sold more than 550 licenses all over the world. If you want to make new VR-game or use available one contact us.
Games & simulation
Add to reality objects and effects that you are needed. If your clients use devices constantly the empty room will turn into the place of your ideas.
Augmented reality
With 3D tools we create realistic models of any product. Whether you make apartment's design or building skyscrapers we will create the lifelike picture.
3D modeling
You need the character who will excite emotions and stick in their memory? We can help. During the last 5 years we’ve been creating characters who surprise, please and irritate but never let players to be detached.
Character animation
If you want to create outstanding and remarkable video we are ready to help. Impress your clients with fascinating script, eye-catching effects, high-quality video and sound.
Video production services
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The world which we perceive is a tiny fraction of the world which we can perceive, which is a tiny fraction of the perceivable world... Terence Kemp McKenna

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App Store Best of 2017 Awards Winner
You can enter the Wonderland right here. Look, there is a hole in the floor. The white rabbit comes out of it. Follow him! Open the portal to the Wonderland and go through it.
Idea of the game is to explore the sabotaged space station with your friends. The gameplay will allow the players to experience flying in zero gravity, require maximum interaction with each other and with the game’s mechanics, letting the players do everything with their own hands, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and even use telekinesis..
In this game, the players will take on a role of detectives from the future... They’re going to be sent deep into the memories of a maniac called the Silentman to investigate a mysterious kidnapping of a child. The players will have to stick together to solve the diabolical and dangerous puzzles and uncover all of the secrets held by the Silentman’s mind.
Players will revisit the most memorable locations from the famous book, solve intricate puzzles together with their friends, and become the main characters in this new chapter of Wonderland’s history unfolding around them. ‘Alice’ was developed to take full advantage of the HTC Vive’s intuitive controls and realistic haptic feedback.
Hordes of zombies and vampires prowl the city, looking for the last surviving humans. It’s a competition: who will get the last man standing. They don’t expect this man to be the most badass B-movie star Chuck Steelballz. Standing upon his trailer he’s going to deliver JUSTICE with his bow and arrows.
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we are working with
HTC Vive Oculus Rif Leap Motion and other VR devices
We make product which is suitable for various devices to give you opportunity to choose the right technology for your company.
C#, Unity 3d, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max and Blender 3D.
With those programmes we create virtual reality due to transfer your customers to your world. We do graphic and sounds to make the immersive influence.For instance, we can make realistic sound of working mechanism or sweet warble.
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Our expertise is best suited for:
Promotion: advertising & events
For companies seeking brand new promotion methods to impress buyers VR is a wayout. Virtual reality will transfer customer to the company's world to present product benefits vividly and interactively. Impression gained by personal communication with brand helps to increase loyalty. With using VR on trade show company presents as up to date market player.
Travel & Tourism Marketing
With VR tourists get opportunity to try out their trip beforehand to prevent disappointment and make a deliberate choice. Give your clients extraordinary experience of the immersive virtual reality with specific resort, hotel or public place. Virtual reality trips expand the concept of travelling.
Fashion & Shopping
VR and AR spread horizons to change conception of fashion industry.Trends show that AR and fashion is a gorgeous union to make a show. Designers turn into reality (actually vitual reality) ideas that seems to be impossible before. To impress audience vogue always demands new ideas and inspiration.
Real estate & Interior Design
VR designs make clients dip into reality of the future interior or real estate. Let them work through their future home even if it is only a construction project. The immersive virtual reality impresses even experienced buyer. VR may become a breakthrough for your business due to leave peers behind.
The entertainment industry reframed with virtual reality. Changes covered not only games and virtual worlds but also interactive exhibitions, galleries, theatres and performances. Let your audience become an active participant who desire to play the role and feel it significance.
VR transformed casual education into edutainment. New reality where educational process is combined with powerful new experience of entertainment. VR make classes interactive whether it is a school class, university practice or corporate training.VR shows comprehended processes from thermonuclear reaction to high-risk surgery.
It is better to try once what VR is
If you still not sure about VR and how it works, you can figure it out for free. Just request for presentation and our employees will show all VR features in your office.
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