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Idea of the game is to explore the sabotaged space station with your friends. The gameplay will allow the players to experience flying in zero gravity, require maximum interaction with each other and with the game’s mechanics, letting the players do everything with their own hands, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and even use telekinesis..
Quantity of players
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Michael, Barcelona
It's unique opportunity to visit the future! Amazing and unforgettable feelings from the VR quest. It was awesome!
Jen, Barcelona
We were really satisfied with the technology and the overall experience we were actually IN space smile emoticon. If you manage, try flying to the spaceship window and take a look at the universe smile emoticon. Will come back for sure for another dose of Escape Reality.
Brian, Houston
Awesome experience. We booked a session for a friend's birthday, first time going. Brilliant fun. The staff was very helpful especially with the less experienced gamers. We drove 2 hours and its well worth it. The game is amazing! You're flying in 0 gravity, outer space, blasting robots with a laser. Honestly cannot wait to go back! I'm very excited to see the new additions."
Jojo, Bulgaria
WOW! I don't want to reveal too much but I can say it's a unique experience. It's like you are in there... or out there, more pricisely :) Especially when you are floating in zero gravity! You just forget about the "real" world and you feel that you are actually in zero gravity... Amazing.
It is better to try once what VR is
If you still not sure about VR and how it works, you can figure it out for free. Just request for presentation and our employees will show all VR features in your office.
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