Mind Horror Director's cut. Part 1. Inception
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Mind Horror Director's cut. Part 1. Inception Mind Horror Director's cut. Part 1. Inception
A maniac has kidnapped a child. Due to a disease of the mind, the maniac has since gone into a coma. Nobody knows where the child is. Your mission is to find the child by immersing yourself into the maniac’s mind. In the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies, and more puzzles. You will solve three new puzzles, fight ravens, and snakes.
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Angelina Maria, USA
Great virtual reality experience. The interactive teamwork was amazing! Highly recommend for friends or corporate team building. The staff was so nice and accommodating to our time constraints. Thanks for a memorable experience ExitusvR!
Stephanie Foley, USA
So fun!!! My first VR experience lfelt like a god creating blocks with my hands. The games were fun, not too difficult. The thrill is the immersion into VR. Thanks for an awesome time!
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