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You can enter the Wonderland right here. Look, there is a hole in the floor. The white rabbit comes out of it. Follow him! Open the portal to the Wonderland and go through it.
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Idea of the game is to explore the sabotaged space station with your friends. The gameplay will allow the players to experience flying in zero gravity, require maximum interaction with each other and with the game’s mechanics, letting the players do everything with their own hands, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and even use telekinesis..
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In this game, the players will take on a role of detectives from the future... They’re going to be sent deep into the memories of a maniac called the Silentman to investigate a mysterious kidnapping of a child. The players will have to stick together to solve the diabolical and dangerous puzzles and uncover all of the secrets held by the Silentman’s mind.
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Players will revisit the most memorable locations from the famous book, solve intricate puzzles together with their friends, and become the main characters in this new chapter of Wonderland’s history unfolding around them. ‘Alice’ was developed to take full advantage of the HTC Vive’s intuitive controls and realistic haptic feedback.
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Hordes of zombies and vampires prowl the city, looking for the last surviving humans. It’s a competition: who will get the last man standing. They don’t expect this man to be the most badass B-movie star Chuck Steelballz. Standing upon his trailer he’s going to deliver JUSTICE with his bow and arrows.
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This project was created as part of advertising for food delivery company. VR-game was used on 3 summer festivals and was extremely popular among visitors. The company admitted that users were impressed with the immersive experience, most of them came back to play again.
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Chemical labaratory
Due to make chemical experiences safe we created VR-laboratory. During the session, students fulfill 3 immersive experiments. They need to measure off the appropriate amount of every chemical agent to a great performance. This VR-experience will make education both entertaining and secure.
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Mind Horror Director's cut. Part 1. Inception
A maniac has kidnapped a child. Due to a disease of the mind, the maniac has since gone into a coma. Nobody knows where the child is. Your mission is to find the child by immersing yourself into the maniac’s mind. In the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies, and more puzzles. You will solve three new puzzles, fight ravens, and snakes.
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Mind Horror Director's Cut Episode 2. Escape
Save child’s life! He was kidnapped by a maniac. As he has gone into a coma nobody knows where the boy is. In the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies, and more puzzles. Play squares, fight a giant Kraken, throw fireballs, make other unusual things. You will help your fellow players make it through a huge labyrinth and at some point, the team will fall into a trap: it will be up to you to save your friend’s life.
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It is better to try once what VR is
If you still not sure about VR and how it works, you can figure it out for free. Just request for presentation and our employees will show all VR features in your office.
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